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Introducing – Balloon Scientist

(Based On True Story)

Many year back while me and my balloon girl doing balloon twisting for an event a little girl asked me…

Little girl: Mr Clown…Can you do me a teddy bear?

Balloon Man: I am not a clown I am a balloon artist.

Little boy: Mr Clown! Mr Clown! Can I have a Sword?

Little girl: Hey! He is not a clown! He is a balloon scientist

Balloon Man & Balloon Girl: Lol

Since then we called ourself Balloon Scientist ^_^


This is perfect for your kids NEXT birthday party or corporate roadshow!

(Serving kids in Kota Kinabalu Area)

Not Only your kid’s

  • reconnect with family
  • Fun
  • happy

Your make your their birthday

  • Exciting
  • Memorable
  • Super Special

If you need your kid’s NEXT birthday party to be SUPER SPECIAL


Call Me – Mobile Phone: 013-8786903

4 Reasons Why You Should Book Balloon By Jc

Interactive Balloon Twisting Experience 

No sitting around during a Balloon Twisting. While geared towards kids, each show is interactive and is inclusive for both kids and adults. This means that the children are engaged during the show that they will not be running around.

If you book the full 2 hours stress free party the kids will be active for the 2 hours and lessen the chances of getting your home dirty.


A fun interactive balloon show that is clean and fun for everyone. This means kids as well as the adults will have fun. Balloons are for all ages. This means for you.

8+ Years of experience

Bringing you great customer service and a fun, entertaining balloon twsitng in turn allowing you to host an amazing birthday or corporate party that puts smiles on your guests’ faces and thanking you for hosting a great party.


MORE memories. Smiles and Laughter GUARANTEED. Dedicated to making your kids memorable balloon twisting experiences. 

Here is a question for you now. Do you want more information or would you like to get a quote:

Your Child Will Have the Best Day Ever!

Frequently Asked Questions


See the four photos above this text. The kids are Amaze & Thrill with Excitment . These are actual kids in the event. The Balloon Man, Jc’s perform his balloon twisting at a birthday party. This is the result that we look for, fun, happy moments that the kids will remember.

See the mom in the third photo. Mom is getting tons of enjoyment watching her child enjoy the show. And in the fourth photo, that’s me. Your stress free solution to running a successful party.

How does Balloon By Jc give you the solutions you need to your birthday party issues? Let’s take them one at a time.

How will Balloon By Jc Save Me time?
By hiring Balloon By Jc your time spent planning and preparing for the party will be cut down. Seriously, all you need to do is to find a venue to host the party, get a birthday cake and refreshments and whatever gifts you want to give to your birthday child. The rest is up to us. Not only will this save you time it will also give you peace of mind too.
I have 25 loud kids in my house, what if they mess up my home?
Throughout the time Balloon By Jc is there the kids are entertained and engaged. All the kids are encouraged to participate and are included in each activity, leaving little to no time for the children to even think about getting into trouble.
Hosting a party is going to cost a lot of money and time, how can you help me?
Let us do the work for you. There is no need for you to go to a party store and being tempted to buy stuff that you really don’t need. We will bring the decorations, entertainment, games, music and treats. We can bring all those things or just some of these things or all of them depending on which package you choose. How stress free do you want us to make your party?
The last party I was at bombed, how do I do things differently?
Let us handle it all for you. Entertainment with balloons twisting, decorations with balloons, take home gifts and treats with fun balloon candy cups. No over spending because there are no impulse items to see like at a big party supply store. Sit back relax and sip on your favorite beverage as we entertain your guests.

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