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Welcome To Balloon By Jc

Are you looking for Balloon Dec| ?

Then you are in the right place!

Hi There, I am Jude Chong@Jc, The balloon Man, Balloon Artist out of North Borneo, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. How Can I Help You?

You came to this web site because you have an event coming up and you want to add something fun for your guests. Whether it’s balloons decoration, delivery, surprises or The balloon Man show or either way. We have the solution for your entertainment and decoration needs.

If we can’t do it we most likely can put you in the right direction to someone who can.

Do you need a balloon artist to entertain your guests? How about decorations for your party? Do you want to make the event to become more memorable?  Give us a call at 013-8786903

We will make you a Superstar at your Events.

What can we do into your event?

The Balloon Man Show

One of a Kind LIVE balloon Show that will WOW kids and adult on your NEXT Event!

Balloon Scientist

Fun, Engaging, Crowd puller and Creative balloon twisting Experience for your Next kid’s birthday and roadshow Event!

Stunning, Captivate and Astonishing Balloon Decor

There’s nothing we cannot build and create out of balloons! We are specialised in creating custom memorable decor which is unique, classy and elegant that will make your event memorable.

Environmental Friendly

Going Green is a hot topic nowadays. We used 100% biodegradable imported latex balloon. We do this to protect you and the environment.

We Make Your Event Super Special In 6 Ways

Have you been to an event and felt is just like another same event?

Have you wondered what gift to buy for your best friends and loved ones?

Have you been to a situation that you needed a memorable moment for your wedding, birthday, engagement etc…?

and you just cannot decide how to make it unique & memorable?

We can make it SUPER SPECIAL unique in 6 WAYS that people will talk about it

Here are the 6 WAYS:

Not Only...

Your wedding, birthday or any event are unique, classy and elegant. It is specially designed just for you.

Your gift is customised and personalised just for you.

Your event will be remembered.

Your Day Will Be...

Awesome that people will compliment you.

Happy and stress free.

Super Awesome Special!

Are you you ready to make your event super special?

Get In Touch With US! 

We will make you are SUPERSTAR.


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